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Naturalize Your Indoor Life

The RVA approach to interior design follows the same natural principles that guide its outdoor work. Placements are made to create rises and falls, imitating the visual layout of valleys and hills.  Custom shelves, stands and mounted driftwood can be blended into existing trim schemes with RVA's unique detailings, designed to represent the [seemingly] random visual patterns that are found in nature.   


Mounted Driftwood

Add a bold hardscape t0 any room with RVA's wood mounting techniques. The wood and trim can stand alone or be supplemented with shelves and a plant to maximize spacial value.  Plant with a vine and occasionally mist your driftwood to encourage trellising.  

Lifts and Stands

Elevate your nature with custom plant stands and lifts.  Choose from light and dark finishes, each with its own set of blending trim to ensure that your RVA woodwork fits into any existing wood or color scheme.         

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